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Book: Conversations on Success

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Sandy Allgeier, SPHR speaker, consultant, and trainer who customizes services for companies of all types has written a book that can help anyone secure his or her place in the global business world. The Personal Credibility Factor: How to Get It, Keep It, and Get It Back (If You’ve Lost It) takes the subtle, hard-to-pin-down quality that sets people up for success in all areas of life and... well, pins it down.

Allgeier explains that personal credibility is “about respect, trust, and being believable.” That’s as close as she comes to a definition, but then, credibility is not about definitions. It’s about actions. What you do forms other people’s opinions of you, shapes their relationships with you, and helps them decide whether to trust and respect you. Do the kinds of things that build personal credibility and you’ll be able to create and maintain productive relationships with others and accomplish more within them.

Book: Conversations on Success

Conversations on Success

Whether you are talking about success in the HR profession, success in business generally or even overall life success... we all want to find it, right? But, what is success, really? In her chapter in the book “Conversations on Success”, Sandy Allgeier, SPHR joins 14 other authors including well-known names like Stephen Covey and Dennis Waitley to discuss what defines success - and the people who achieve it in their lives.

Sandy speaks with some degree of experience. She has led HR functions in a multitude of business settings - from start up, to fast growth, and even declining market situations. Sandy has been involved with setting business strategy and implementing the right HR tactics to meet these various business conditions. Sandy gained a wealth of experience in various industries over a 20+ year career in corporate America. And, that experience and knowledge process continues as she provides consulting, training and speaking for her clients since establishing her business, Allgeier HR Consulting, in late 1999.

You will want to read and learn from Sandy’s down-to-earth style and reality-based wisdom as she shares her personal stories and observations about those who have attained success. She openly shares her perspective from the unique vantage point of someone in HR - about leaders and leadership styles/capabilities. You will also learn from the perspective of a real practitioner about what it takes to become a success in the HR profession - and how too many HR professionals are trying to achieve success by following the path of greatest resistance.

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