Sandy K. Allgeier, SPHR

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Sandy has over 25 years experience as a human resources professional. Her corporate human resources management experiences include Senior Vice President, Human Resources for Atria Assisted Living with 7000 employees located in 26 states, as well as serving as Director, Human Resources for Providian Corporation, a Fortune 500 Financial Services company. Prior to this, Sandy was Director, Field Human Resources for KFC Corporation. She is experienced in directing all phases of human resources management from recruiting and selection, compensation and benefits, employee relations, and training and development.

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What Can Sandy Do For You?

Sandy is an experienced Human Resource professional who can assist with most all related organizational needs. Her knowledge and experience cover recruiting, selection, employee retention, team effectiveness and management and leadership skill building. She can be an excellent resource for any organization seeking to maximize its employee potential.

As someone that has worked with senior HR officers, both as a senior in house legal counsel and as a senior operations officer, only Sandy offered the complete package of expertise and talent that I needed to get the job done. Her advice is consistently practical, well thought out and consistent. She refuses to engage in ivory tower HR theories, but helps you make decisions that lower your risk while maintaining an eye on the bottom line. I would hire her today with confidence that the job will get done efficiently and with common sense.

Michael Sims
General Counsel
US Ameri International, Inc